Source code for mygeotab.exceptions

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


Exceptions thrown by the MyGeotab API.

[docs]class MyGeotabException(IOError): """There was an exception while handling your call.""" def __init__(self, full_error, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize MyGeotabException with the full error from the server. :param full_error: The full JSON-decoded error. """ self._full_error = full_error main_error = full_error["errors"][0] = main_error["name"] self.message = main_error["message"] = main_error.get("data") self.stack_trace = main_error.get("stackTrace") super(MyGeotabException, self).__init__(self.message, *args, **kwargs) def __str__(self): error_str = "{0}\n{1}".format(, self.message) if self.stack_trace: error_str += "\n\nStacktrace:\n{0}".format(self.stack_trace) return error_str
[docs]class AuthenticationException(IOError): """Unsuccessful authentication with the server.""" def __init__(self, username, database, server, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize AuthenticationException with username, database, and server. :param username: The username used for MyGeotab servers. Usually an email address. :param database: The database or company name. :param server: The server ie. """ self.username = username self.database = database self.server = server super(AuthenticationException, self).__init__(self.message, *args, **kwargs) def __str__(self): return self.message @property def message(self): """The exception message.""" return "Cannot authenticate '{0} @ {1}/{2}'".format(self.username, self.server, self.database)
[docs]class TimeoutException(IOError): """The request timed out while handling your request.""" def __init__(self, server, *args, **kwargs): """Initialize TimeoutException with the server name. :param server: The server ie. """ self.server = server super(TimeoutException, self).__init__(self.message, *args, **kwargs) def __str__(self): return self.message @property def message(self): """The excepton message.""" return "Request timed out @ {0}".format(self.server)